Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC 10.9.9 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC 10.9.9 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC 10.9.9 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC 10.9.9 Crack is an extremely useful application that can place your iOS device into recovery mode and remove it with a single click. Typically, such an operation requires you to hold down the Home button of the device while disconnecting and reconnecting it to your computer, during which time you must also operate iTunes. Not to mention that when boot issues occur, the situation can become even more convoluted. ReiBoot manipulation is child’s play. After connecting the device to the computer and launching the application, the device model is detected and displayed in the primary user interface.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC Crack is an excellent solution to all of these issues, allowing Recovery mode to be triggered and exited with a single click. ReiBoot can assist you regardless of whether your device’s Home button is broken, you’ve encountered a DFU black screen, or the phone has entered an endless reboot cycle. It is compatible with the majority of modern iOS devices, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and is significantly less demanding than iTunes, the conventional method for performing these operations. Additionally, ReiBoot will not result in data loss, as it can maintain the integrity of the device’s files.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC  Crack + Registration Key Free Download 2023

However, even users with severe software problems can use this device to access personal data, apps, and services that are locked in a device that refuses to boot with the handy (and only available) advanced option for automatic fixing of over 150 iOS Stuck issues, such as inability to reach recovery mode, stuck on apple logo, stuck on a black screen, boot loops, disabled screen, a frozen screen, removes backup and restore, and disabled headphones.

ReiBoot iOS System Repair is a lightweight application that includes an automated installer and an uninstaller in a compact installation package. Upon initial launch, the application will display a blue interface with a handful of simple but aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching controls. The first item that must be observed is the icon in the app’s lower-left corner that indicates the connection status. Before any software action can be performed on an iPhone or iPad, the app must detect the presence of the connected iOS device. Only USB connections that are tethered are supported.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC Crack + Latest VersionFree Download 2023

ReiBoot for Android has a streamlined user interface consisting of a single dashboard that lists all available tools. There are one-click buttons for Entering Fastboot Mode, Exiting Fast Boot Mode, Entering Recovery Mode, Exiting Recovery Mode, Entering Download mode (Odin mode for transferring data to the device), Exiting Download Mode, and Clearing System Cache. Before using any of these tools, users must connect their Android device to the computer using a USB cable. The application will notify users when an Android device is connected and, if possible, attempt to identify it.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC Registration Key can enter recovery mode, exit recovery mode, solve 50+ stuck issues including the Apple logo stuck, the screen won’t turn on, and the black screen stuck, fix frozen iDevices, execute system repairs to restore iDevices to normal status, factory reset iPhones, and many more things on iDevices. Therefore, if you are using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can use ReiBoot iOS to resolve its problems. If your device is already in Recovery mode, it will identify this and allow you to exit by selecting the button designated for this purpose. Overall, ReiBoot is exceedingly simple and enjoyable to use. Simply press one of two buttons to activate or deactivate Recovery mode.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC Crack + Registration Code Free Download 2023

ReiBoot Android can enter/exit fast boot mode, enter/exit recovery mode, fix any trapped on fast boot mode/recovery mode, fix Android stuck on Download mode, fix Samsung phone stuck on Samsung logo, fix Samsung not updating issue, and numerous other Android device issues. Tenorshare ReiBoot Free Download Android is compatible with Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei, HTC, and Sony mobile devices, amongst many others. ReiBoot Android can therefore be relied upon to repair any Android device, regardless of its manufacturer.


  • Using the iTunes restore option to downgrade the iOS beta is a cumbersome endeavor.
  • The Tenorshare ReiBoot Crack program includes a feature that can automatically downgrade iOS to the previous version.
  • Restoring an iPhone in iTunes and receiving error 4013/4005?
  • ReiBoot can bypass iTunes restore or backup errors with ease and a high rate of success.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned stuck scenarios, this professional iOS repair utility fixes up to 50 other iOS stuck issues, such as iPhone update errors and iPhone app stuck.
  • Is Apple TV stalled on the logo, in recovery mode, or Airplay mode? Relax,
  • ReiBoot is also concerned with your tvOS. It can repair the system and resolve numerous Apple TV issues without causing data loss.
  • Without losing data, repair the iOS system to resolve the iPhone black screen issue.
  • After system repair, ReiBoot can rapidly restore a frozen iPhone’s display to normal operation.
  • Fix numerous iTunes errors during updating or restoring without uninstalling.
  • Even when the iPhone is disabled, the screen lock can be disabled.
  • Fix the issue where your iPhone is stalled loading or spinning with a black screen without using iTunes.
  • The rebooting of an iPhone after an update or restore can also be remedied by restoring the system.
  • Assist in resolving issues with your iPhone or iPad if a reset in iTunes was unsuccessful.

Additional Features:

  • It can resolve issues such as launch loops, blue screens, malfunctioning headphones, and the absence of the Apple logo.
  • With this incredible tool, you can recover deleted data from all iOS devices, including the newest iPhone 11, iPad, and iPod.
  • Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Download is a remarkable program designed to aid users most effectively.
  • The program provides a multitude of solutions for problems such as corrupted data and frozen files.
  • The software may display icons for the iPhone and iPad restoration modes if this does not function.
  • ReiBoot Crack enables the installation of iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones.
  • This program’s primary function is to prevent data loss during an upgrade.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and all the tools are designed with simplicity in mind, so you don’t need to take a course to use it; you can discover the solution to any error with a single click.
  • It allows the user to restore the device’s settings and create a backup point for their data, allowing them to identify and resolve any issues that may arise while using the device.
  • It will facilitate your ability to retrieve deleted information.
  • It provides the user with an update point where the data can be readily updated to the most recent versions.
  • If you are an Apple user, you should install this software on your devices because it aids the user in every aspect and has potent tools and filters that scan issues and eliminate problems.
  • Also, address the issues This application is extremely useful for iOS device recovery.
  • Grow dependent on and agree to a retrieval style that is resolutely deprived of some data reduction.
  • When a device becomes inactive, the machine can resurrect it so that it is consistent rapidly after database fitting.
  • It offers the user the entire velocity of recuperation and administration.
  • It provides users with the greatest speed for estimating the number of additional people. Users are attempting to perfect the highest single.
  • Rapid preferences arouse the difficulty to rely on continual and secure input and output devices.
  • Simply reconfigure the device to exclude mobile music and the safety keyword.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC 10.9.9 Crack + License Key Free Download 2023

What’s New?

  • Activate Recovery Mode
  • Leave the Recover Mode
  • Fix iPhone that is Stuck on the Apple Logo
  • Repair iPhone Black Display
  • Fix iPhone Frozen Screen
  • Fix iTunes Update/Restore Errors
  • Unlock iPhone’s Locked Display
  • Fix iPhone Loading Stuck
  • Repair iOS Boot Loop
  • iPhone factory reset without iTunes

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC  License Keys:






System Requirements:

  • Operating System Windows: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • MAC OS: OS6, 7, 8, 9, X
  • 1 GB of RAM or higher.
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 500MB.
  • Processor: at least 1 GHz.

How To Install?

  • Download the file following the link.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Follow the installation process.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation.
  • The Software is ready to use.
  • Enjoy it!


Overall, Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for PC Crack has the potential to resolve a wide variety of Android device issues. Connecting the phone or tablet to the computer and attempting to fix the more common issues on a wide variety of devices is all that is required. If you own a defective Samsung device, this application may help you resolve some of its issues. You must first select the precise series and model of your smartphone or tablet, followed by your country and carrier. Next, ReiBoot for Android attempts to resolve the problem by downloading the appropriate firmware.

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